Blood Line Set

Blood Line Set Model Idnt.CodeOuter Diameter  (mm)Inner Diameter  (mm)Length (mm)Volume of line blood pathway (±%10) ml Set/PackingSterilization
Arterial Line Venous Line 
Blood Line Set, SU (Universal)42122009.86.5380826224ETO
Blood Line Set, SF42122209.86.5380827624ETO
Blood Line Set, SF Without drain bag42122229.86.5380827624ETO
Blood Line Set, SG421221912.08.0380906224ETO
Blood Line Set, SG Without drain bag421221612.08.0380906224ETO
Blood Line Set, SB42122149.86.5340827424ETO
Blood Line Set, SB Without drain bag42122129.86.5340827424ETO

In compliance with BS EN ISO 8637-1 and BS EN ISO 8637-2 standards with universally compatible designs to fit most of the currently available dialysis machines.

  • Blood line tubing made of medical grade transparent PVC with minimal cytotoxic reaction.
  • All parts are designed with ergonomic features and simple but safe connections distinguished by color coding.
  • Conical shape venous drip chamber provides a dynamic blood flow.
  • Sufficient color coded clamps reduce the need for additional clamps.
  • Transducer protector for preventing infection transfer from patient’s blood to the machine. An inside window provides blood visibility.
  • A clamp at heparin infusion site eliminates the need for tying the tube while not in use.
  • Made of medical grade DEHP free PVC.
  • All parts sterilized with Ethylen Oxide (ETO) gas.
  • Prime solution collection pouch in new generation blood line sets increases patient’s safety by minimizing the risk of infection and reduces staff work contamination.
  • New generation standard blood line sets make blood flow measurements possible to assess patient fistula’s sufficiency and dialysis adequacy.
  • Pharmed Blood line sets are compatible with the most dialysis machines.

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