The current distribution situation for dialysis products in Iran has surfaced a few issues for clinics. Some distributors do not follow a coherent policy, causing patients to run into difficulty when receiving different treatments from different centers. In the possibility of such situations occurring, if the dialysis adequacy is low, it is difficult to determine which product was the reason for failure, particularly as product quality guarantee would not be possible. Moreover, funding in different periods of time, repetition of the ordering process, activities by intermediate dealers and multiplying transportation and deliveries causes a sharp increase in prices. In short, distributors adopting different, irregular policies results in price fluctuations and instability in the production market, such as clinics purchasing access goods and causing wastage. As a distributor of the consortium, alongside a customer-based policy, Medway Company adopted a new approach with the following features:

  • High quality treatment services
  • Preparing needed products from different companies to be provided by sole sourc
  • providing medical packages in accordance with dialysis clinic demands
  • Distribution of dialysis equipment with minimum delay
  • Centralized and mechanized ordering system
  • Integrated transportation system and deliveries to ensure the best time and desired destinations for customers
  • Reasonable prices
  • Coherent policies and economical rating
  • Price fixing and stability in the market