Research & development

Companies of the consortium consider R&D department as a solid core when they want to start research activities. This department intends to produce knowledge and use technologies so that new products are produced with higher quality. This leads to high-techs and more efficiency.



Doing research attempts to:

  • Improve the quality of product
  • Design products and new equipment
  • Develop technologies and equipment
  • Obtain and transfer technical knowledge
  • Optimize the procedures
  • Improve production and productivity
  • Update technology and treatment methods
  • Help on setting new standards


  • Focusing on the needs of dialysis patients and their satisfaction
  • Considering the problems of nursing services in dialysis wards
  • Interactional performance between production parts
  • Conducting the consortium toward decisions based on research findings
  • Innovation and promoting ideas to revolutionize dialysis services in health care system
  • Increasing the competition potential in local market and abroad

Research fields

  • Documentation and setting standards including:
  • Upgrading current products
  • Planning for new products
  • Statistical and adaptive surveys
  • Support and cooperation with research plans of the other centers

R&D performance

R&D department of the consortium tries to be updated on subjects like: hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, the dialysis equipment and machineries, pharmaceuticals, dialysis concentrates and the other related disposables. Top performance and achievements of R&D in the consortium are as follows:

  • Designing and developing blood line set and fistula needle set with newest technology lead to mass production in 2012.
  • Designing cartridges for bicarbonate sodium lead to mass production of RenaCart and RenaBag in 2013.
  • Designing cartridges for acid and acetate hemodialysis concentrates with different formulations according to customers’ needs. This process lead to mass production in 2014 and acid concentrates I & II by Pharmed company were registered in Medical Equipment Department of the Ministry of health in Iran.
  • Designing and developing all kinds of polysulfone and polyethersulfone dialyzers from 2001 to current time.
  • Designing 8 kinds of blood bags according to international and update standards. This caused to obtaining ISBT 128 from ICCBBA.