Bicarbonate Bicarbonate Sodium Bag and cartridge

RenaBag & RenaBag S

ProductProduct CodeBag MaterialPieces/PackingDialysate Flow Rate
RenaBag 550g4315205PA/PE16500 ml/min
RenaBag 650g4315210PA/PE16500 ml/min
RenaBag S 550g4315215PA/PE16500 ml/min
RenaBag S 650g4315220PA/PE16500 ml/min


Product Product Code Housing Material Pieces/Packing Dialysate Flow Rate
RenaCart 550 g 4315305 PP 10 500 ml/min
RenaCart 650 g 4315310 PP 10 500 ml/min
  • Bicarbonate powder is one of the most important requirements for dialysis treatment used to prepare the dialysis solution with optimal pH.
  • Fully automatic manufacturing procedure based on the latest world technology.
  • USP, EP and AAMI standards
  • Compatible with all dialysis machines with proper holder.
  • RenaCart is made of PP transparent raw material which provides visibility trough the cartridge, light weight and stock space friendly.
  • External caps available – top and bottom – which provide protection and allow for hygienic post-usage disposal
  • Environmental friendly with dust proof packaging
  • Effective filter and mesh in inlet and outlet to prevent damages to the machine caused by unsolved powder
RenaBag 650g
RenaBag S 650g
RenaCart 650g

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